Five Things Not to Do This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of reflection, as well as a time of overspending, overeating, overdrinking and overdecorating. Here’s five things not to do this holiday season.


1.) Candles are beautiful and romantic, but unattended may burn the house down, a holiday tradition you don’t want to start. A smoke detector and fire extinguisher are always thoughtful gifts.


A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burning candles, adorned with homemade Christmas decorations such as red hearts, white paper snowflakes, a golden star at the top, and gifts stacked underneath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2.) Who doesn’t want to have the best lit home on the block?  There’s a price to pay if your light ambition is greater than your climbing expertise. Approximately 1300 people are seen in the ER each year for light decorating related injuries. Falling from the roof or ladders hurts in real life, no matter what you’ve seen on The Santa Clause.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays (Photo credit: Wysz)

3.) Holiday cheer in the form of liquid alcoholic refreshments can be a way to relieve stress and join in the festivities. Unfortunately overindulgence can lead to vomiting, alcohol poisoning, black outs, or a holiday arrest for driving while intoxicated. Even in the face of massive post holiday credit card payments, one should exercise moderation.

Drunk Pumpkin

Drunk Pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.) Holiday potlucks are a fun and inexpensive way for groups to keep costs down. All those savings, though, will be washed away if the potluck ends in food poisoning. Just because things are left out for hours doesn’t mean they’re safe to eat. If perishable food has been out for more than two hours, throw it out. Don’t give the gift of food poisoning.

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portabl...

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portable Potluck Project on March 23, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5.) Those once a year holiday treats often involve rarely used kitchen appliances. Be extra careful with sharps, including food processors, electric knives, and blenders. All the work of a beautiful dish can be undone in the seconds after a serious, bleeding injury.

A knife and its victim

A knife and its victim (Photo credit: athomson)

Happy Holidays and don’t make the local Emergency Room an unanticipated stop on your holiday rounds.


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