Renee Maynes is a writer, blogger, and imagineer.

A 2012 MFA graduate from Goddard College in Vermont, her thesis, “Doing Dead Time,” is a fast paced mystery set in a Southern jail.  In her day job as a registered nurse, Renee has published articles in nursing journals and presented at conferences.  She currently blogs on healthcare and lifestyle topics.

As an imagineer, she has designed the Insta-Shrine, founded the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization, and purchased a houseboat.

She has also temporarily fled New Hampshire for the sunnier climes of South Carolina.

She dismantled and shipped her top secret writing lair  from her classic, white, picket fenced in New Englander to a Double-Wide propped up on cinder blocks that overlooks a lake.  Reassured that SC doesn’t have water moccasins, she still obsesses about what to do if a tornado hits, other than curl into a fetal position and hope for the best.

When Renee isn’t reading, writing or watching television, she’s preparing for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Much of her preparation involves reading, writing, and tv watching.

She is aided in her efforts to live a good and productive life by two rescue dogs, Nate and Simon, who worship her with sloppy dog kisses and bark uncontrollably at the air conditioning vents, hopefully warning off whatever is living underneath the Double-Wide. So far, her woodland neighbors include possums, rabbits, snapping turtles, cats, un-neutered dogs, red wasps and fire ants. She longs to have Billy the Exterminator over for a visit.

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