A Magic Pill


Pills (Photo credit: madcowIV)


Pills (white rabbit)

Pills (white rabbit) (Photo credit: erix!)



At least twice a week someone tells me about a magic pill. They discovered it on Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz, an infomercial or a magazine, from the recommendation of a friend or with the help of an alternative healer. No matter what the magic pill cures/heals/improves, it never requires the taker to do anything except remember to take the pill.


I’m always a little skeptical. Most things in life, to me at least, require some effort.


And it’s not like the people who believe in a magic pill are dumb. Incredibly intelligent people look me straight in the eye and tell me about the latest one. On some level, we all desperately want to believe there’s a shortcut to our dreams or a work around to our pain. But that’s not the case.


Life isn’t easy, it isn’t fair, it’s full of pain. If a magic pill could cure that, wouldn’t we all take one?


Except there’s something to be said for fighting the good fight and emerging successful. Whether it’s losing fifty pounds, marrying the man of your dreams, or conquering an addiction, the journey is the part that helps us to grow. The magic pill takes that away from us. It makes us believe in trickery.


It’s time we value the work of improving ourselves and our lives more than we value the magic pill. Yes, working through our problems is hard, but it is only when we fully accept and embrace the tough times and the difficult choices that we move forward.


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